Organic Landscape

I know that one day something that I had imagined in time could happen.

You wake up one morning, you look at yourself in the mirror and you happen to see that the external image does not correspond to the internal one. This feeling goes beyond the skin, filtrate humours and it gives you a clear view of the pulsating forms that move according to a certain rhythm.

Therefore with the passing of each day, acquiring more confidence, little by little one checks whether everything is working properly: heart, stomach, lungs, intestine… The vision of this organic place, of these hidden scenarios could contain something of oddly spiritual and could provoke a radical transformation of our self-perception.

The work of Beatrice Tosi is accomplished from the starting point that too often we seek the answer to our inquiries outside rather than inside ourselves : “ if you are not within yourself, you are nowhere “. That’s how her explorative journey begins, by making herself smaller and observing this inner world made of streams of molecules as they were gigantic trees, waving totems, fringes stirred by the breeze, landscapes and narrow passages painted of improbable and delicate colours.

As Alice in Wonderland Beatrice Tosi penetrates through her planet with curiosity and pleasure mixing up micro and macro, she proceeds fearless of losing herself. Her landscapes transmit pleasure, harmony and rhythm, they convey a powerful desire to know ourselves better, to learn to run quietly through our mental and physical intricacies.

 Francesca Pietracci