Beatrice Tosi is an Italian artist who lives and works in Barcelona and Rome. Travelling and living abroad has always been crucial in her life.
She often lays her glance on the inner part of the human body pondering over its divine and cosmic aspect. Exploring  the inside of the body becomes a metaphor of the journey to which every human being comes across in order to understand the meaning of life and death.


– attending mime and life-drawing courses in London where she studies foreign languages and works as mannequin.

– working as window-dresser for Jane Norman stores, Oxford Street, London.

– working as freelance advertising artist for several travel agencies – London.


– from 1988 living within San Francisco, Tokyo and New Delhi.


– costume designer for the movie “Elena 83” directed by Luca Biglione – film producer Roberto Bessi – Rome.


– working with Milena Canonero (4 times Oscar winning costume designer) as assistant designer for  “Amadeus” a theatrical production directed by Roman Polanski – Quirino Theatre – Rome.


– working with Assunta Paravati (artist and set designer) as assistant for the the movie  “Pontormo – A Heretical Love”, directed by Giovanni Fago – Rome.


– Assistant and model for Claudio Di Carlo (visual artist, producer and art director) at Ice Badile Studio, Rome.


– living and working in Nice.


– living and working in Malaga.


– from 2012 living and working between Barcelona and Rome.