Entwined landscapes

A less obvious and deeper figurative representation than appears. The art of Beatrice Tosi modifies an already constructed reality with allegoric interventions, overturning the evident contents. The symbolic figuration is the synthetic finale between significant figure and concept .The seventeenth-century Allegory of Simulation of Lorenzo Lippi, is the mystery of pretense .The female bodies, often immersed in the apparent calmness of nature, assume an uneasy weight. In Christianity, the fish is the symbol of Christ. It also is Faith, Pureness, the Virgin Mary. It has become the symbol of spiritual essence, of mystical rebirth. In Buddhism, identifies freedom of desires. It is life-giving power, fertility, of a new birth which escapes water forms destruction. In Japanese mythology, the earth is a giant fish. It is at the base of the tree of the world. It’s the cosmic force. The meaning can not be decoded in an immediate, intuitive interface. It requires an intellectual, a critical discussion. Interpretation is open to different readings.The dream, the imaginary, a new metaphysical dimension.The figure remains fundamental, essential, for the conveying of emotions of the imaginary, irrational, visionary.

 ”Love thou thy dream/ All base love scorning/ Love thou the wind/ And here take warning/ That dreams alone can truly be/  For ‘tis in dream I come to thee.”  (Ezra Pound)

Pierluigi Terio