Metaphysics of the body

Metaphysics of the Body

Our sensory experience driven by its unavoidable survival needs well explained in its mechanisms by the Form psychology, extracts objects from the background. This extraction, bringing to the conscience the presence of potentially dangerous or desirable forms, carries out an irreversible action : it clearly separates individuals from their invisible and complex valves. These shells symbolized with an oyster by Botticelli in ” The birth of Venus “, have hosted the enchanting beauty of idealized bodies, and now, in Beatrice Tosi’s painting, perhaps they come back after centuries. These bodies re-emerge into the modern acceptance of the irrational, the invisible, the metaphysics, transparent to the predatory man’s eyes, but not to the free and visionary artist’s ones. Actually the relationship that links individuals to their own past, as to their relatives or to their own work, is an invisible relation for the daily observer, as well as the educated one who nourishes himself with image-objects classified by the market. But for Beatrice Tosi, the world is much more beautiful and complex, wrapped in marvellous emotional draperies, lit up by sunny childhood memories, woven by precious textures made of arduous psychical conjunctions which never stop to communicate with our body during our life, crossing it over and reflecting in it. Perhaps the spirit of the immense Botticelli has found the way to come back to visit us.

Vincenzo Grossi ( musician )